Liberstad: An island city that runs on cryptocurrencies


Many crypto enthusiasts dream of a future where entire economies run purely on cryptocurrencies, having replaced the current fiat system we work on. While that future may be some time away, the first steps are beginning to show their signs.

The Libertania Project aims to establish cities which are private and are based on the non-aggression and a principle of anarchism.

Liberstad, an island, is a project initiated by The Libertania Project, with a motive to develop Norway’s very first Private City. The houses and services in this city will be private, or set up through private actors. Liberstad is a city in Norway, so, it will follow the laws and regulations of Norway. It was established officially on June 1st, 2017 with the help of around 100 investors from over 27 different countries. The people who have already purchased land in this city will start moving in the year 2020.

The founders of this city will only accept either Norwegian kroner, or any type of cryptocurrency in its economy. The motive is to make cryptocurrencies as their primary currency. Multiple sorts of cryptocurrencies are expected to be accepted, ranging from Bitcoin to Omni.

The Liberstad Drift AS will be running the basic operations and development of Liberstad. The tasks that it will perform will include:

  1. Selling the plots
  2. Drafting the rezoning plans
  3. Maintenance and construction of roads
  4. Rentals and sales of plots and cabins
  5. Managing the campaign site
  6. Safety and security
  7. Assistance and information for building permits

The primary investments, which are to be done through cryptocurrencies, not just indicate an increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies on their part, but also possible amendments in the traditional fiat money completely, on a global scale.

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