How much Bitcoin does Elon Musk own?


You would think that the co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla and the founder of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) would have a ton of money. You would be right; Elon Musk, the man in question, is the 54th richest billionaire in the world! (according to Forbes).

But then, if you went on to speculate that he must have invested a large chunk of it in Bitcoin, you would be dead wrong. In February 2018, Elon Musk tweeted that he “literally owns zeros cryptocurrency”! He did, in fact, say that he owns 0.25 BTC, given to him by a friend in the past. This amounts to $2,326, at the time of writing. The reveal was in response to a trending Twitter scam, in which scammers impersonate famous personalities like Musk or Donald Trump in order to trick users into giving up their share of cryptocurrencies.

In 2017, a theory began circulating that Elon Musk was, in fact, Satoshi Nakomoto, the creator of Bitcoin. It was put forth by Sahil Gupta, a former intern at SpaceX. Musk denied this theory, and claimed that he didn’t even know where he placed what little Bitcoin he owned. But as it turns out, losing bitcoins isn’t as uncommon as you might think. According to Fortune, around 2.78 million to 3.79 million bitcoins have been lost by users over the years. Contrary to what you may believe, Musk isn’t against cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

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